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As a provider and patient, myself, I have felt frustrated with our current healthcare system. Many times, if providers are willing to seek or treat root cause problems they are blocked by insurance. It is through this frustration with the bureaucracy of healthcare I have worked to create Wishing Wellness Medical Spa. At Wishing Wellness Medical Spa, I seek to provide personalized, high- quality care to achieve your goals. I work to provide a functional medicine approach for treatment to people’s concerns.

I strive to keep cost affordable for patients to provide actual results to their health concern. I am able to provide labs at a discounted rate and medications through compound pharmacy. In addition to health coaching during our appointments. We will discuss your treatment goals, medication regiment, road blocks or issues in your life to achieving your goal, any additional recommendations with supplements.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Nursing in 2013 at Montana State University. I then decided I would like to further my ability to help patients and became a Doctoral Nurse Practitioner in 2021.

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