GI Map

One thing that impacts your whole body? Your gut health!

Have you wonder if your gut health is impacting your life? Then let’s work together using GI-MAP™ Test

What is the GI-MAP™ Test?

The GI-MAP™ (GI Microbial Assay Plus) is a DNA based stool test that provides practitioners with a detailed analysis of the gastrointestinal microbiome including pathogenic bacteria, commensal bacteria, opportunistic parasites, fungi, and viruses.

Who should get a GI-MAP™ test?

Patients that are chronically ill and frustrated with “mystery diagnosis”. Also patients looking to have optimal health.

Research continually demonstrates gut health impacts overall wellbeing. The gut microbiome plays a critical role in digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition impacts mood, sleep, hormones, immune function, and overall systemic wellness. Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help practitioners get to the root cause of chronic illness.

Healing The Gut can impact:

Optimizing The Gut can impact:

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Once we Establish the root cause of your symptoms through testing we can work together to establish a healthy gut through Custom protocols to remove any pathogens and create sustainable long term gut health improvement through modalities such as:

  • supplements such as probiotics, perbiotics, herbal supplements.
  • Medical grad Essential oils 50-70x more potent than their corresponding hersb, they can be used internal and externally.
  • Diet and Life style changes We create a unique plan to rebalance your diet and lifestyle while factoring in your unique stressors.

Common Questions
Does insurance cover any of the costs?

  • I do not accept insurance for the consultation fee. It is possible your insurance could cover a portion of the GI MAP ™ testing.

If you insurance covers out of network labs, you will pay $189 (for the GI MAP ™ test) directly to Diagnosit Solutions at the time you send your sample to the lab. Diagnositic Solutions will then file insurance on your behalf. You are responsible for anything the insurance doesn’t cover. The most you would pay out of pocket is $389.

What form of Payment do you accept?
I accept all major credit cards.

How much will I spend on the protocol?

  • Protocol length and complexity will vary from client to client base on your test results. However, the average spending is $300-500 per month, with the intial being most expensive.

How will we connect?

My practice is virtual. We will review your test results and protocol via telehealth


What does your Standard consult Package consist of?

Is 3 months for $575

  • 90 minute appointment review questionnaire,
  • GI MAP ™ Result Review
  • Initial protocol development and maintenance protocol,
  • Unlimited check in via email
  • Monthly check ins

What does your Premium Consult Package consist of is for 3 months $775

  • 90 minute appointment review questionnaire,
  • GI MAP ™ Result Review
  • Initial protocol development and maintenance protocol,
  • Unlimited check in via email or 30 minute call Check In
  • Monthly call check ins

What to expect

Step 1 Complete a questionnaire

To be the most effective, I want to learn a little more about your health history and current lifestyle. I also want to know about your wellness goals so the treatment protocol can be tailored to your needs. Once you have purchased a package you will receive the questionnaire.

Step 2 Complete your GI MAP test

I will send you a link to purchase your test directly from diagnostic Solutions. This test will be sent to you along with a very clear instructions on how to collect your sample and send it back to the lab.

Once you mail the test back to the lab it will take 2-3 weeks to get the results and from me to formulate your protocol.

Step 3 Consultation

During the consulatitions, we will go over your results and I will explain your custom protocol. Your protocol may include diet recommendations, probiotics, herbal supplement, and essential oils to correct the imbalances highlighted by your GI MAP test.

Step 4 90 day ongoing support

During your 90-day protocol, we will communicate by email as needed to assess your progress, address any symptoms that may arise, and make necessary adjustments.

Step 5 post 90 day protocol

We recommend retesting after 90 days phase to see how your test results have changed. Once we analyze the results of your second test, we recommend a maintance protocol. Many clients find it beneficial to complete annual or bi-annual GI Mapping to say on top of their gut health.

Step 6 How will you know it is working?

You can expect improvements in symptoms that you are having. Some happen faster than others. Gut healing is slow and can take up to one year to have improvements. Most people see drastic improvements before the end of the protocol.

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